Valentine’s Day Kiss Proof Lipstick

Perfect Red Lipstick Tutorial from Rebecca Loves Weddings

Kiss Proof Lipstick from Rebecca Loves Weddings

As a bridal make up artist, kiss-proof lipstick is the holy grail for me. After all, no bride wants to head back down the aisle after the first kiss with a face full of lipstick. And no groom does either!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I thought I’d share with you how I apply lipstick to make sure it lasts. I love wearing red and my favourite lipstick is MAC’s Lady Danger so it’s really important I make it kiss-proof. I find matte lipsticks are the most hard-wearing so try to avoid gloss or satin textures and go for matte if you can. Another tip I give my brides before they head off to get married is once they get a drink, to lick the rim of the glass before they take a sip (in a ladylike way of course!) It really does stop your lipstick from ending up on the glass rather than your lips.

Perfect Red Lipstick Tutorial from Rebecca Loves Weddings
Photograph by Helen Kirkbright, make up and hair by Rebecca Anderton

Here’s how I apply lipstick to make sure it lasts all day.

  1. Make sure your lips are in tip-top condition before you start by applying your favourite lip balm. If your lips are a little flaky, you might want to gently exfoliate them too.
  2. Apply a thin layer of concealer over your lips, followed by a light dusting of powder.
  3. Using a freshly sharpened lip liner carefully outline your lips, beginning with the cupid’s bow. Don’t forget the bit inside the outer corners too.
  4. Fill your lips in with lipstick, stretching your lips to make sure you get the product into all the creases.
  5. Now, check that the shape you’ve drawn is even. Use the handle of a brush to check the cupid’s bow is straight. Tilt your head back and forward to check the symmetry from all angles. Correct any mistakes with a thin, square shaped brush and concealer.
  6. Finally, blot excess lipstick on a tissue and set with a light dusting of translucent powder.

And there you have it – kiss-proof lipstick to make sure you have a smudge free Valentine’s Day!

If you have any other tips to share, I’d love to hear them below.

Rebecca x


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  1. Amy

    Hi Rebecca, love the article! My question is, how do you choose the colour of lipliner? I only have a few lipsticks but I still don’t really want to buy a lipliner to go with each one…

    1. Rebecca Anderton MUA

      Hi Amy, thanks for reading! You definitely don’t need a liner to match every single shade. I find MAC’s Dervish is a really good all rounder for any nude or pink lipsticks as it’s close to most people’s natural lip colour. I use it about 80% of the time!

      With brighter colours it’s trickier and you do need a liner that’s a close enough match to the lipstick, but you can get away with just one red (for example) if you have several different red lipsticks. If you’re stuck and don’t have a liner that matches, go with something neutral like Dervish but make sure you cover the liner with lipstick.

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