Soap Brows – How To Get Super Thick Brows With Soap

Soap Brows kit for thicker, fuller and more groomed brows

I love an old-school makeup artist hack and soap brows are no exception. It’s a cheap and cheerful trick dating back to old Hollywood that makes your brows look super full and fluffy. The soap works by setting your brows into shape and separates individual hairs so you can avoid that heavy blocked eyebrow look. And the good new is, it’s super easy to do.

How to create soap brows

To create “soap brows”, rub a spoolie over your bar of wet soap then comb upwards through your inner brows (the part nearest your nose). Work outwards and once you’ve reached the arch of your brow, start to brush the hairs downwards. This will give your brows a nice lifted arch and open up the area around your eyes. Wait a minute or so for the soap to dry and you’re done.

My favourite soap to use is Pear’s because it’s so gentle. Keep reading for some of my favourite products that give a great soap brows effect.

Soap Brows kit for thicker, fuller and more groomed brows

If you’d like a bit more definition you can add something like Glossier’s Boy Brow or Rimmel’s Wonder’full Brow, which will add colour and thickness without the need to bother painting in individual hairs with a pencil or gel. When choosing the right shade, go for something a little lighter than your nautural brow colour so your brows don’t look too heavy.

If you’d rather use specially designed product than your regular bar of soap, Soap Brows from West Barn Co is a favourite with makeup artists. It’s vegan, cruelty free, ethically sourced and packaging is super cute so it’s all round millennial-friendly. To use, spray a spoolie with water, makeup fixer (such as Urban Decay All Nighter) or one of the mists you can get in a Soap Brows kit and use in the same way as normal soap.

Have you tried this trick with your brows yet? Or do you prefer other brow enhancing methods? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. Kristin

    I would love to try something to make them thicker

  2. Angela

    I’m going to try it. I wish you would have did a tutorial, I’m a visual learner.?? Thank you

      1. Mary Boatman

        I will try this method, but my eyebrows are so thin what can I do to make them thicker

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