Makeup Tips For Freckled Skin

I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my own freckles. When they appear in the summer they give my face a more youthful appearance but they also remind me of all the sun damage my skin was exposed to in the past.

If you have freckles yourself, you might find it tricky to apply makeup that enhances them. Here are my top makeup artist tips for enhancing your natural freckles with makeup.

Choosing the correct shade of foundation

If you are very freckly all over your face it can make it hard to choose the right shade of foundation. All those little patches of melanin can make your overall skin tone appear darker than it really is.

To make sure you don’t end up buying a foundation that’s too dark, you need to make sure that it matches the skin tone in between your freckles. It can be a little tricky so test shades on a freckle-free area if you can.

Test a few different shades on your skin and check in natural daylight to see which one matches. Don’t test on your hands because  your skin tone could be different there.

Choose a sheer, buildable foundation

Because your freckles are darker than the rest of your skin, applying a heavy foundation that matches your skin tone will make them appear ashy. Make sure you go for a sheer foundation or a tinted moisturiser that will allow your natural freckles to shine through.

A product with a buildable coverage will allow you to sweep a thin layer over your face, then build up more coverage over areas that might need it such as those with redness.

My favourite foundation to use on freckled skin is MAC Face & Body. It’s lovely and sheer with a natural finish that isn’t too matte or shiny. It’s also waterproof and lasts really well on the skin.

Apply Concealer Sparingly

For the same reason as above, only apply concealer where it’s needed, such as spots and under eyes. If you apply concealer to a large area, you’ll risk making your freckles look uneven and patchy
Use a small, soft brush such as this one from My Kit Co for accuracy and easy blending. I find that you can’t apply too much product with a fluffy brush and it looks much more natural than when applied with a flat brush.

Mix thick foundation with primer

If you already have a foundation but it’s full coverage, try mixing it with a lightweight primer for a lighter constancy. Something like Laura Mercier Hydrating Primer would help to give your skin a healthy glow.

Enhance with blusher

A cream blusher such as Stila Convertible Colouris ideal for freckly faces and will make your skin look fresh and healthy. Pat it into the skin with your fingers, focusing the colour on the cheekbones and blending outwards.

Wear SPF

It’s always lovely to see freckles appearing in the summer but that doesn’t mean you should skip sun protection. Even if your skin is dark, it’s worth protecting it from sun damage which can cause premature ageing.

If your skin if very fair, high factor sunscreen is a must if you’re going to be outdoors, even in the UK. In fact all the times I’ve been sunburned have been in the famously rainy city I live in because I’m not expecting it


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