Loréal Matte Signature Eyeliners

My first shoot after lockdown was a fashion film that called for a colourful graphic eye. I didn’t have anything quite suitable in my kit so I popped down to Boots with Tallis in the sling to see if I could pick something up. The shoot was the next day so I needed it fast.

The first thing I noticed was that there were no testers! Of course it seemed obvious once I was there that you can’t have products out for multiple people to try on in these Covid times but it was one of those small things that I didn’t realise was important until it wasn’t available anymore.

I spotted these Loréal liquid liners, which looked like they would fit the bill. I got the three brightest shades – blue, emerald and fuchsia and hoped for the best.

Trying them out at home, I discovered that while the fuchsia and blue were nice and vivid, the emerald was disappointing. It was much darker than the label implied, almost greyish black.

I ended up using fuschia for the shoot and it looked great. The super thin brush made it really easy to achieve the graphic shape I was after. It had just the right length of drying time so I could touch up any wobbles.

You can check out the graphic eye look I created with these liners in the fashion film here.


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