Katie Jane Hughes x Spectrum 25 Piece Brush Set – Worth The Hype?

When the Katie Jane Hughes x Spectrum brush collection launched in March 2021 after much hype I held off buying them, mainly because I have so many brushes and I like to keep my kit as minimal as I can. I finally succumbed when they went in the Black Friday sale a couple of months ago. Since then I’ve used them countless times, both on myself and in my kit at work, enough to give an honest review.

My first impression when I unboxed was that the quality was really high. I’ve had a few cylindrical containers like this over the years and the KJH one does feel more luxe than others. It has a suede textured lining, which is a bit special. I love the olive green colour and the whole packaging means these look great on a dressing table.

What I like about the brushes themselves (and why I think they’re worth buying) is that they’re very different to others I have. They’re generally smaller, especially the ones you’d use for foundation, powder etc so great for detail. Katie says in the accompanying leaflet that she was reluctant to include the largest brush (number 01) but she knows people love a big powder brush. I’m definitely one of those people and I love the shape and density of number 01 but I’m also really enjoying being a bit more intentional by using the smaller ones when it comes to applying powder, highlighter and blush.

The bristles are dense but soft and after multiple washes they haven’t moulted at all! This is a real bugbear with me, as I wash my brushes after every single use. So far they actually look as new as the day they arrived.

I wasn’t sure about the flatter shapes of 17 and 19 but after trying them our they’re now some of my favourite brushes for eyes. My only complaint is that I wish 23 wasn’t double ended (brush one end, spoolie on the other) because I worry that I’ll damage it by storing brush end down.

I love that Katie doesn’t specify what any particular brush is for. That’s really in tune with my own makeup philosophy, which is about creative freedom not following rules. You can use them all with either powder or cream products, which is great. I’d recommend these for anyone who loves experimenting with makeup. It’s a great set that covers all bases, I can see why they’ve been highly rated by so many.

Have you tried them? Let me know in the comments!


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