How To Wear Flowers In Your Hair

One of my favourite parts of the wedding morning is when the flowers arrive. I am never not excited about wedding flowers. I love the ceremony of hearing a knock on the door, a bridesmaid squealing with joy from the hall and everyone gathering around to peer inside the box of delights. If I wasn’t a makeup artist, I’d love to be a florist.

Maybe it’s because of this that I love using fresh flowers in bridal hairstyles. They always look somehow effortless (even if they’re not). Why not ask your florist to send some extra flowers along with your bouquets that can be placed into a secure up-do. If they take the time to wrap wire around the stems, this makes it even easier for you hairstylist. Obviously, it depends on what hairstyle you’re going for whether this can be done. Some florists will even make hairpieces to match your bouquets, or you can buy ones ready made like these below.

Clockwise from left Love ‘n Fresh Flowers, Roses and LemonsThe Artisan Dried Flower Company

There are a few different ways to wear flowers. Headbands and wreaths made of flowers (often seen on festival-goers) look beautiful placed onto long, loose waves. For an even more bohemian look, add plaits or twists for the headband to sit on. Lightweight, delicate blooms such as baby’s breath can be woven into a plait without the need for a headband.

Larger flowers such as roses or orchids are much happier when placed in a more structured style such as a chignon or bun. They need something to anchor them well or they’ll end up falling out. Here are some examples to help inspire you.

Clockwise from top left Magnolia Rougue, The Honeycomb, Wedding Chicks, Always Choose Joy, Your Hairstyles, Event Style, Style Craze, Little Arrow Studio, Gent & Beauty

Tell me, will you be wearing flowers in your hair on your wedding day or do you have something else in mind? Leave me a comment below!


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