Fit a Veil In Any Hairstyle – Even Down

Bride wearing a veil

Ever wondered how to fit a veil? Whether you’re a bride or a bridal hair stylist, veils can be a bit of an unknown quantity if you’ve never fitted one before.

In this post, I’ll take you through how to decide where to position the veil, how to place it and how to make sure it stays put. I’m going to focus on traditional veils here but I’ll cover other types, including juliette cap and birdcage veils in a later post.

Which way round does it go?

With most veils, it’s easy to tell which way round it goes. Often the comb will be curved, and that’s to fit the shape of the head. If the veil is tiered or has a blusher, the shorter tiers should be on top of the longer ones.

If there is decoration such as lace edging or diamantés they’ll obviously be on the outside. Simple!

How to stop the veil falling out

My number one tip to keeping a veil nice and secure is to create a good sturdy anchor for it.  By this, I mean something for the comb to slide into and hold it there. If there’s no anchor, the comb will just keep gliding through the hair until it drops out. An anchor can be some pinned up hair, backcombing, braiding or cunningly placed kirby grips.

How ever you end up creating your anchor, it’s important that it’s secure enough to take the weight of the veil. You can always add extra grips for a bit of added support but it’s still important to create a solid foundation first.

How to fit a veil in an updo

If the bride is wearing her hair up or half up, finding an anchor is simple. You can simply push the comb into a nice secure part of the hairstyle.

Take care not to dislodge the hairstyle with the comb as you slide it in. Be firm but gentle!

How to fit a veil in hair that’s down

If the bride is wearing her hair down you can create an anchor by crossing hair grips over one another at the place you want the veil to sit. If she’s only going to wear the veil for part of the day, make sure she knows to remove the grips too!

An even more secure way is to create a secret braid underneath the top section of hair. The comb can slot into the braid, which can’t been seen.

Where to place a veil

There are three places where a veil looks most flattering

The crown

The occipital bone

The nape

Where you place it will depend on the you or your bride’s personal preference, although you may also want to take into account the shape of the veil and how it balances with the silhouette of the dress, as well as the actual hairstyle.

If you’re a hairstylist, it’s always good to discuss the veil position with the bride at the start of her trial so you can make sure you create a good anchor for it.

The crown

The best way to fit a veil at the top of the head is with backcombing. Even if the bride wants a sleek style with no volume, some backcombing and hairspray will create a secure anchor to slide the comb into.

The occipital bone

The occipital bone is that part of the back of your head where the skull starts to curve in towards the neck. Pacing the veil here works well with a low updo, a half up or down style.

You can slide the comb downwards into hair you’ve pinned up, which should be secure enough to hold it. Try not to put too many grips into that part of the head when you’re creating the style as you can end up leaving no room for the comb.

The nape

To fit a veil at the nape, you need to start by going backwards. If you push it straight up towards the crown of the head, gravity is against you and it will just fall out.

Start with the veil the wrong way round (the comb curving away from the head) and push the teeth upwards into the hair. Once you have it just above it’s final position, gently turn it over and push it back down slightly.

Removing a veil

Brides often prefer to wear the veil just for the ceremony or until the first dance. If  a bride plans to do this, I make sure a bridesmaid or her mum is on on hand to watch so they know where any extra grips are and feel confident taking it out without ruining the style.


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