How To Choose Your Bridal Makeup Artist

If you’re planning your wedding you’ve probably noticed it that finding the right suppliers can be a bit of a minefield. When there’s so much choice out there, how are you supposed to know if you’ve picked the right one?

I think  your bridal makeup artist and hair stylist can be the most difficult suppliers to choose. How your face and hair looks day to day is incredibly personal. Whether you wear no makeup or a full face, it’s how you express yourself to the world. So it’s important to find the right stylist who’ll make sure you look and feel beautiful, confident and most importantly youon the day.

Two things to look for

Wondering where to even start? Well there are only really two things you need to look for in a bridal makeup artist.

The first is someone who is able to create the look you want. Makeup artists all have different styles so you need to make sure that there’s fits with what you’re after.

The second is someone who you like and who’s company you enjoy.  They’ll be with you for a good portion of your wedding morning so it’s important that you feel comfortable around them. Ideally find someone who helps you to feel relaxed in case you get last minute jitters on the day.

Trials are expensive so it’s important to choose wisely before you get to that stage. Here’s some tips to help you along.

Decide what style you want

You don’t have to decide exactly how you’d like your hair and makeup but if you have an idea, it will be easier to find someone who specialises in that style. Do you want to look natural or more glamorous? Are you after something specific like airbrush makeup or vintage hair? Try browsing Pinterest for ideas.

Ask around

Recommendations from friends, relatives and colleagues can be a really useful starting point. Even if they aren’t married themselves they might have been a bridesmaid or guest at a wedding with a great makeup artist.

Browse portfolios

Once you have an idea of what you’d like, check a few stylists portfolios to see if they’ve done something similar before. It’s also useful to check if they’re experienced with brides of your ethnicity.

Get in touch

When you make an enquiry, how do they come across? Do you warm to them? Do they get back to you within a reasonable time (bear in mind not everyone is able to respond to emails immediately but within a couple of days is reasonable). Are they helpful in answering any questions you have?

Once you’ve found someone who’s a good fit for you (and available) you might find it useful to read my post about how to get the most out of your trial.


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