How I Wave My Hair With Straighteners

Using straighteners is one of the easiest ways to put curls or waves in your hair. Once you’ve got to grips with the technique it’s easy to control the type of curl you create, from big bouncy curls to loose waves. I like to keep mine really loose so that’s what I’ll be showing you in the video but you can find out further down how to adapt the technique.

The straighteners I use are the Diva Pro Styling Digital Straightening Styler. I’ve used these for years in my pro kit and also for myself because they’re so reliable. I really like the shape of the barrel and the way it curves allows for easy styling. They also have six temperature options from 110º to 235º and automatically switch off after 60 minutes.

Hair Prep

You can start with dry hair but I like to prep my hair while it’s still wet so the waves hold for a few days.

First I apply Maria Nila Styling Mousse to wet hair and quickly blow dry with my Diva Pro hairdryer and barrel brush. I dry the front sections away from my face.

How To Curl Your Hair Using Straighteners

To section my hair, I take all the hair from above my eye level ears clip it up on top of my head. If you have thicker hair than mine you’ll want to take more sections.

To curl, I take a piece of hair about an inch thick and place it between the straighteners towards the end of the plate – not the middle. I twist the straighteners all the way around 360 degrees while sliding them down the shaft of the hair. I curl the front sections first, away from my face and follow that same direction all the way around so my hair sits the way I like it.

As you can see in the video, it’s much easier to do one side than the other! For me, I find doing my left side harder because I’m right handed. It takes practice and check out my tips below to find out how to make it easier.

Once I’ve completed the bottom I unclip the rest of my hair and repeat for the top section, again starting at the front.

Adapting The Technique

You can adapt this technique to make your curls tighter or loose by making a few changes.

The size of the straighteners affects the size of the curl so the big chunky ones give you a loose wave, while thin straighteners give you a tighter curl. Additionally, the wide straighteners work best if your hair is very long and the thin ones if your hair is short.

The more you twist the hair around the straighteners, the tighter the curl will be. So if you want your hair to be curlier than in the video, you need to make sure the hair twists round a few more times as you slide the straighteners around your hair.

How To Curl Without Damaging Your Hair

Using heated tools does damage your hair but there are ways of giving your hair more protection. Spraying heat protector onto each section before you curl helps. I use Bumble and Bumble Heat Shield.

Keep the temperature of your straighteners low, ideally 180º or less to minimise damage to your hair. That’s why I like tools like the Diva ones that have a temperature control.

Thanks for reading! I hope you found this useful and if you did, please let me know in the comments below and if you have any questions, ask away!


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