E.L.F Monochromatic Multi Sticks

There was a time (not that long ago) when I wouldn’t have dreamed of wearing monochrome makeup on my eyes, cheeks and lips. I always preferred to mix up the tones a bit – a peachy blush with a pink lip or a rosy eyeshadow with a plum lip. I find clashing slightly can make a natural makeup pop.

But then I had a baby and, as they say, everything changes. Suddenly a product I can use on all three areas and quickly blend with my fingers became a lot more appealing.

I recently bought a bunch of stuff from E.L.F to try out and included two of their Monochromatic Multi Sticks in Luminous Berry and Dazzling Peony. The former is a glistening wine stain colour while the latter is fresh and peachy.

In the stick they look quite glittery but once on they’re more of a sheer glossy texture. They blend out nicely with a finger or fluffy brush. Using them on eyes, cheeks and lips gives the whole face a really healthy rosy glow.

Although it’s far from most people’s minds at the moment, Multi Sticks are perfect for a holiday makeup bag. They’re small, lightweight and of course multipurpose! They’re a perfect way to achieve the natural, glossy holiday sheen I like.

The only downside is that I think they’re designed with light skin tones and dry skin in mind, which works for me but not everyone. I think they would slide about if your skin is the oily end of the spectrum. For darker skin tones I’d like to see more pigment in the formula.

What do you think? Have you tried them or anything similar? Do you love or hate monochromatic makeup? And would they make it into your holiday makeup bag?


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