Bridal Touch Up Kit – Makeup Essentials To Include

Bridal touch up kit with powder, hairspray and lipstick

It’s unlikely you’ll ever spend as much time or effort getting ready as you do or your wedding day (since you were a teenager at least) so of course you’ll want to make sure that after all that effort your hair and makeup will stay where it’s supposed to. Even if you hire a stylist, they probably won’t be on hand all day so a good touch up kit can be really useful.

You can easily prepare one in advance at little cost, in fact you’ll likely have most things already. Try to keep it as small as possible by including only the things you’ll definitely need. There’s no point in including hair grips if you’re wearing your hair down, but a mini hairspray could be useful for the fly aways.

What you can include in your touch up kit

  • Lipstick
  • Retractable lip brush or disposable lip wands
  • Blotting papers or pressed powder compact
  • Mini hairspray
  • Spare hair grips
  • Tissues
  • Cotton buds
  • Compact mirror
  • Mints
  • Body tape

What about eyeliner/foundation/lash glue?

When you’re facing the unexpected, it’s easy to feel the need to take as much as possible – just in case! After all, it’s good to be prepared, right? But do you really want to be carrying your entire makeup bag around all day? You can’t take it down the aisle or on the dance floor so my advice would be to keep it minimal.

If you’re having your make up done professionally it should last all day and night. The only item you should need to top up is your lipstick. Even the most long lasting lipsticks can wear off if they’re subjected to hours of canapés and champagne. If it’s a hot day or your skin’s on the oily side powder or blotting papers are useful too.

If you’re staying at the venue or nearby than by all means, keep a larger touch up kit in your room but you’ll most likely be having too much fun with your guests to worry.

What to include in your bridal touch up kit


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