Bobbi Brown Lipsticks

The great thing about Bobbi Brown nude lipsticks is that they never go out of fashion. The first one I bought 15 years ago is just as wearable today. The shades are so classic and evergreen that when you find one that works for you it’s like making a friend for life. 

Bobbi Brown nudes have been staples in my kit for years because they’re amazing quality neutrals that suit skin tones across the board. They last really well on a shoot and models love wearing them. They’re perfect shades for getting that “no makeup” look with tones that are close to natural lip colours but with a flawless opaque and hydrating texture. 

Today I’m sharing with you my favourite Bobbi Brown nudes from my kit.

First up is Beige, a creamy pinkish brown. It’s the perfect shade for light skin tones when you want your lips to appear close to their natural colour but more flawless. It’s a really versatile and wearable lipstick that looks great as part of an all natural look or when combined with a dramatic eye.

Brownie reminds me of the browns that were popular in the 90s, when nudes were strong and statement-y. It’s darker than Beige and has just the right level of warmth so it doesn’t wash you out if you’re pale like me.

Raisin is a beautiful reddish brown that sits somewhere between a nude and a red. It’s great if you want some colour but going full Marilyn scares you. I love this shade on darker skin as it really lifts and brightens the whole face.

Brown is my absolute favourite to wear, it holds just the right place between brown and pink but looks like neither. I really love lipsticks like this that are “in between” colours.

Rum Raisin is a colour I often use on darker skin tones for a “no makeup” lipstick. It’s a deep warm brown that looks subtle and beautiful.

Tell me what your favourite nude lipstick is, I’d love to hear from you!


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