8 Questions You Should Ask Your Bridal Make Up Artist

Your wedding day will probably be the biggest event you ever organise. Until you’ve planned one, it’s hard to imagine how much work goes into it. Wedding planning throws up a whole host of new experiences like coordinating large numbers of guests, managing the dreaded seating plan and of course hiring a group of trustworthy professionals.

This might be the first time you book a make up artist and it can be hard to know where to start. When searching online you are confronted with a huge amount of choice, especially if you live in a major city. Just how do you know which one to hire?

Finding the right make up artist is hugely important. Not only do they need to create the hair and make up of your dreams but they also have to be able to make you and your bridal party feel comfortable. You’ll be spending a significant portion of the day with them so you need to enjoy their company. To help you, here a some questions you could ask potential make up artists to find out if they’re right for the job.

8 Questions You Should Ask Your Bridal Make Up Artist from Rebecca Loves Weddings at rebeccaanderton.co.uk
Photograph by Maryanne Scott

What experience do you have?

The most experienced makeup artist might not necessarily be the best one for you. After all, someone who’s been doing make up for 20 years might not be the best at creating the styles you like. That said, it’s really important that they have enough know-how to carry out their job efficiently and effectively. Wedding mornings can be stressful so you need someone who can keep a cool head.

Do you specialise in weddings?

An experienced make up artist may not necessarily specialise in weddings. Doing make up for television or a photo shoot is quite different. Being a wedding make up artist requires being able to stick to a time schedule, calm down emotional brides and create hair and make up that stays in place long after she has left.

Can you work from a picture?

This is important if you are after a specific look. You need to find out if the makeup artist feels comfortable recreating something they may not have done before. Keep in mind, however, that the style may look different on you if you don’t have the same skin tone, hair length or hair colour as the model.

Are there any extra charges?

Check if expenses such as travel and parking are included in the price and if there are any extra charges such as false lashes.

8 Questions You Should Ask Your Bridal Make Up Artist from Rebecca Loves Weddings at rebeccaanderton.co.uk
Photograph by Dotmoxee Photography

Do you provide lipstick to touch up?

You’re going to spend the day sipping champagne and kissing your new husband so you’re lipstick or gloss is unlikely to last all day. Ask if your makeup artist can provide the lipstick she’ll use on the day or a small sample pot for touch-ups. Otherwise, find out at the trial what colour she used so you can buy one yourself.

What size of party can you accommodate?

If you have a large party requiring hair and make up services it’s important to find out how many people she can reasonably do and how long it will take. It might be worth booking a separate make up artist and hairdresser or asking if she can bring an assistant along.

How do I pay? Do you require a deposit?

Find out in advance how she would prefer to be paid and when. Most wedding suppliers require a deposit to secure the date so don’t be surprised if your make up artist does.

How many events will you cover on the day?

The last thing you want on your special day is a make up artist who arrives late and flustered because they’ve come from another wedding. Or insists on getting you ready at 7am before rushing off to her next job. A good, professional make up artist will understand the importance of the occasion and make you her priority.

I hope you’ve found this information useful. Good luck with finding your perfect make up artist!

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